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Class Schedule

Classes affected during Chinese New Year:

Monday 4 Feb:
Burn the Floor Basic 6.30pm > 10 Feb 2pm, RS10
Pole Tease 6.30pm > 16 Feb 5pm, RS11
Feels by Amy Hazel 7.30pm > 10 Feb 3pm, RS10
Lyrical 7.30pm > 10 Feb 3pm, RS11
Stretch 7.30pm > 9 Feb 2pm, RS17
Pole Int 8.30pm > 3 Feb 2pm, RS10
Lyrical for Dummies > 10 Feb 4pm, RS11

Tuesday 5 Feb:
Pole Int 12.15pm > 4 Jan 12.15pm, RS10
Tricks Int 1.15pm > 4 Jan 1.15pm, RS10
Tricks Int 6.30pm > 5 Jan 10am, RS11
Lyrical 6.30pm > 17 Feb 2pm, RS11
Intro to Pole 7.30pm > 5 Jan 11am, RS11
Stretch 7.30pm> 6 Feb 8.30pm, RS17

Wednesday 6 Feb:
Lyrical for Dummies 12.15pm > 2 Jan 12.15pm RS10
Lyrical for Dummies 6.30pm > 2 Feb 9am, RS11
Tricks Easy 6.30pm > 3 Feb 9am, RS10
Pole Junkie 7.30pm > 6 Jan 11am, RS11
Striptease 7.30pm > 2 Feb 12pm, RS17
Pole Hard 8.30pm > 6 Jan 12pm, RS11


Information on Haruna’s classes

STATIC: Tricks and combos only. No choreography. Suitable for Int level repeaters and above.
SPINNING: Choreography class. Suitable for Int level repeaters and above - students who are able to invert comfortably from standing position.
JUNKIE: Suitable for Hard level repeaters and above. You’ll learn something different every week - from static to spinning tricks, short routine. Mix it up!
HEELS: Multi-level choreography class. A short routine will be taught every 2 weeks, focusing more on floorwork and transitions, no pole tricks. Please wear leggings/knee pads.

Each class is S$260.00

Please note:

  • Strictly no making up of class allowed unless you have made arrangements with another student to swap your class.

  • Student can only do make up in the class type that they are registered for. Eg: If you have registered for a Spinning class, you can only do make up class in a Spinning class. You cannot do make up in Static/Heels/Junkie.

  • No observation of classes are allowed. This is to ensure that students in the class have ample space. if you are early for class, please wait at RS17. Studio doors will be locked once class has commenced and you will only be able enter the studio 10 mins before your class starts.

  • No drop-ins allowed.


  • Haruna is available for private class on Tue 8.30pm and Wed 6.30pm during the term.

  • 1 hour private class is S$170.00 for up to 3 students.

  • Bookings are to be done online.

Prices stated are before GST.


Pole                  $250
Lap/Floorwork   $220
Stretch/Pilates  $180

10% off when you buy 2 courses
20% off when you buy 3 courses
25% off when you buy 4 course
30% off when you buy 5 or more course

Read our online registration manual.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you intend to enrol for 2 or more courses in the same term, please register all courses at the same time online to enjoy the discount of total course fee at the point of registration. Once your first class is enrolled/paid, the online system calculates percentage discount based on the 2nd course fee only. If you have already registered for your first class, please email or register in person at SLAP Dance Studio. Prices are subjected to 7% GST. 

Not sure of which pole level to enrol? 

Contact us at hello@slap.sg or (65) 66364622 and we’d be happy to chat and help you choose a suitable class.