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Dance with poise, character and dedication at The Pandora Ball - A dance event where the all-gifted and seductive dancers come together, tempted to open the pandora box (releasing all evils). Ultimately, hope is left because they are immersed in their dance. If you have what it takes, put your name down on our list. Our dance mistresses and master will hand-pick the gifted and train you tirelessly to perform your best on this eventful day.



  • 2 private shows on Sunday, 19 Aug afternoon. Mandatory rehearsal on 19 Aug morning. 
  • Held at Black Box, Gateway Theatre (Ticket priced at $40).
  • 10-16 dancers per item (3 x 40mm stage poles - Brass and Stainless Steel).
  • Term 3: 1.5-hour class, no practice sessions. Term 4: 1-hour class, 1-hour free unsupervised practice. Student must commit to 80% attendance for class and practice time slots for both Term 3 and 4 (See timetable).
  • Priced at $560 for 2 terms. Bulk discount does not apply for recital courses.
  • Students who are planning to sign up for at least ONE 8-week course in Term 3 AND 4 may apply. *ENTRIES CLOSED*

Prices are subjected to 7% GST. Strictly no refund, credit note, cancellation and/or class transfer once payment is made.


  1. Fusion / Street jazz - Bye Bye (by Theia)
    With Jennifer and Sera
    “Are you as curious as Pandora...?”
    Come join me with an open mind into Pandora’s mysterious world to mesmerize and hypnotise everyone in this sexy and intriguing item with different dance styles all into one. *A non pole item. 
    Prerequisite: Adventurous and good with props. Pole easy and up OR at least 2 terms of striptease, BTF basic and up.
  2. Burn It Up - Until We Go Down (by Ruelle)
    With Jennifer and Saddy
    Executing moves so swift, provocative & unnervingly raw. We need your “garang-ness” and ferocity! If you have got a dying urge to unleash your inner demons... you know where you need to be. 
    Prerequisite: Pole Intermediate and up OR BIU.
  3. Hard Rock - The Vengeful One (by Disturbed)
    With Tania and Perlyn
    Take a walk on the darkest side of Pandora's Box with rocking floorwork riffs and power pole moves from our Rock Goddesses.  Bring your 🤘🏼game on! Not for newbies.
    Prerequisites: GOR, Pole Intermediate (for pole work). BTF for floorwork.
  4. Rock Classic - Mash up of classic rock 80s
    With Jasmine, Perlyn and Jingyi
    The best rock concerts are about more than just the music. In this act, we focus on performing to commercially successful songs from the 80s / 90s and elevate it to a whole other experience. The performers of this theatre piece deepened the power of rock & roll itself, elevating the dramatic and explosive mayhem of classic rock. A lot of guts and maybe a little bit of insanity are involved in this production. Are you ready to create another historic moment in rock 'n' roll history?
    Prerequisite: Open to all. 
  5. Striptease / Lapdance
    With Tania and Regina
    Where desire and temptation come out to play. Tantalizing, sultry and dirty to the bone. 
    Prerequisite: Striptease OR BTF.

  6. Pole Tease - Cell Block Tango
    With Viv, Penny and Huishi
    Calling all the sassy, feisty, fierce women of SLAP to Cell Block Tango with us. Because... he had it coming. Are you ready to Pop, squish, tease and sizzle?
    Prerequisite: Open to all. 

  7. Pole Lyrical - Transcendence (orchestral) (by Lindsey Stirling)
    With Shevonne and Putt
    Dance gracefully into the mysterious Pandora's Box with tunes that will flow in your mind like a river.
    Prerequisite: Attended at least 2 terms of LFD (comfortable with simple inversion tricks). 

  8. Pole Lyrical - Silhouette (by Owl City)
    With Viv and Jacques
    One last thing was left when Pandora hastily closed the box of evil - Hope.
    Prerequisite: Pole Intermediate and up.

  9. Pole Junkie - Carmen (by Lana del Rey)
    With Mia and Huishi
    Provocative, yet innocent. Passionate, yet indifferent. Sexy, yet sweet. Affectionate, yet aloof. Everyone loves her. But does she love herself? Which secret is darker— the one in the Pandora box, or the one in her heart? 
    Prerequisite: Pole Hard or Pole Junkie.

See timetable for scheduled recital class and practice times. These timings will be the same for Term 3 and Term 4. 

Relive our best moments and watch the performance videos of SLAP's top 100 dancers in last year's student recital. We sold out 3 shows, made better dancers and formed new friendship!

Image Credit: Violetmoon-Art