a private affair …


Dance your heart out and perform for your friends and family. Let them experience the grace and athleticism of pole dancing first-hand and be part of your amazing pole journey at SLAP.



  • Enrol online for 1.5 hour Showcase classes. Admission to class is on a first come first serve basis. No audition is required.

  • $380 (+GST) for 8 x 1.5 hour classes and 4 x 1.5 hour free practice.

  • Performer must commit to:

    • Performing (up to) 2 shows* at SLAP on Sun, 25th Aug, 12pm and 2pm.

    • 1x rehearsal on Sun, 25th Aug, 9-11am.

    • 1x full dress rehearsal on Sat, 17th Aug, 4-6pm.

    • Please try not to miss more than 1 showcase class so we can train hard to put up a smashing performance.

  • Performer may invite up to 4 guests to watch you perform at no charge.

  • If you missed one 1.5 hour showcase class, you may make up for it in the regular 1 hour class (i.e. you makeup by number of missed classes, not by number of missed hours).


* Depending on the signups, we may extend to 2 shows so that we can manage the crowd in the studio and your guests can enjoy the show comfortably.

Multi-class discount does not apply for showcase classes.

Same choreography will be taught in the regular (non-showcase) classes. Showcase students will learn to perfect the routine in longer 1.5 hour weekly classes and free practice sessions for the performance.

Urban Pole is a new course choreographed by Ange. Prerequisites: Pole easy & above.
Explore the potential of your body as a vessel of communication. This class combines urban movement vocabulary (that takes from contemporary and street dance styles) with pole choreography. It focuses on musicality and making the movement your own.

Heels Advanced Prerequisites: Pole Hard and above. Intermediate repeaters may be considered if you are strong in tricks.