SLAP has been a key player in driving pole dancing to become a performance art and professional sport - bringing its goodness to the masses as a mainstream workout. SLAP is also the organiser of the esteemed Asia Pole Championship, an international pole fitness competition.

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Channel newsasia interviews slap ON POLE DANCING AS AN ALTERNATIVE WORKOUT

SLAP students and instructors shared the beauty and benefits of pole fitness as an alternative sport; how it has help them build mental strength, confidence, poise, connections; and changed their lives! 

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from strip club to olympics

Singapore has seen a proliferation of pole-dancing clubs in the last 3 years. Wise Monkey Productions talked to SLAP Dance Studio to find out what goes on in a pole dance studio. A great representation of pole dancing. 

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联合早报interviews 55 year old pole dancer. 

Susan Logan, an obstetrician said when women reaches the age of 35, the muscle mass will begin to decline. Regular exercises will maintain muscle mass and body flexibility. “Swimming is a good sport, but we also need to do weight-bearing exercises to strengthen our bones.” Veronica, 55 chose pole dancing. Let's see why Veronica likes pole dancing!

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The truth about pole Dancing

Raphael, Departure's male journalist took the plunge into the world of pole dancings to debunk the myths.

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Pole Dancing helps Melissa, Breast Cancer Survivor stay strong.

Currently cancer-free, Melissa Yambao, 33, feels that she has bounced back from cancer stronger than ever and has even taken up pole dancing as a way to stay positive through the tough knocks that life has thrown at her.

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Big is Gorgeous

2 plus-sized beauty Veena Tay and Wan Ridyaton share their pole journey and how pole dancing helped them regain self confidence, embrace and love their body, and ditch the loose tank tops!

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The fitness industry gathers pace in Asia as more people step up their pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. “The studio’s choreography incorporates lyrical, ballet and contemporary dance moves, and aims to debunk perceptions that pole-dancing must be sexy or seductive. The Global Association of International Sports Federation granted the International Pole Sports Federation observer status in 2017 the first step towards joining the Olympics. The recognition give members confidence as well as something to train for”, said Ms Leung.

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Yahoo Singapore news portal lists pole dancing as the ‘top alternative sport to try in Singapore’.

Doing sports in Singapore doesn't have to be boring. If you link pole dancing to images of sleazy bars, you're definitely out of touch with one of the hottest alternative sports in Singapore. With classes filled with women from all sizes and ages and from all walks of life, you'd be amazed that these sexy classes actually get you abs of steel.

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Cleo Body & Fitness. Want to feel this sexy?

Gone are the days when pole dancing was associated with seedy bars and dollar bills. These days, the performance art has evolved intro a trendy form of fitness that's no different from spinning, barre and ropes. “You won’t believe that you are do it, but once you get her that personal barrier, you’ll become a lot more confident.”


Sassy Mama reviews SLAP Dance Studio

When I was asked if I wanted to review a class that would ‘increase my cardio stamina, improve my muscle tone, build my core strength and confidence and be a great workout for [my] legs, tums and bums’ I of course jumped at the opportunity. God knows I really need help in all those areas! And by the looks of it, Singapore’s women are right on trend, with all classes running almost completely full. 

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CLEO features photos that will make you want to POLE

If you don’t already know by now, pole dancing is a performance art and it actually takes a lot of practice to make twirling around on a pole look effortless. We were treated to a visual spectacle at Asia Pole Championship 2017, where we saw a number of pole dancers – both male and female! – from Singapore and around the world showcase their best moves.



Ever secretly wondered if you’d make a hot pole dancer? Take your hen’s night as the opportunity to find out, in a private party with your girls. Let your hair down, pick up some fun, burlesque props, and learn the art of seduction at SLAP. You’ll work your core and tone your arms and glutes, and pick up some sexy moves for your wedding night!

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Rich Herrera sets foot at SLAP Dance Studio for a private pole dancing class. 

Actor/model/host/former MTV VJ/fitness junkie and Buro 24/7 columnist - Richard Herrera was sent into a realm few men dare to venture. As with any form of dance that calls for a good dose of elegance, pole dancing requires an acute attention to body positioning and efficiency of movement. 

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Pole Dance: Sleazy or Sporty? 

To many, pole dancing comes off as a ‘sexual’ and ‘raunchy’ activity – Angelene, instructor at SLAP Dance Studio, is bent on breaking this stereotype. She hopes more skeptics would come to appreciate pole dancing for what it is. An athletic and artistic pursuit, that is.

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EzyHealth Fit and Fab. Have a pole party!

Apart from developing a strong body, this amazing regime can also help you improve your mental and emotional health, prevent injuries and increase mobility, not to mention give your social and love life a boost by making you more con dent and agile!

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Vivre Active Wear interviews SLAP students on their pole dancing journey.

"Overall, I strongly feel that pole dancing is an empowering sport. I’m pleased with what I see in the mirror everyday! The toned arms, tummy and thighs – an accomplishment to me! It’s amazing how the sport can shape you up in a relatively short period of time"

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